Use Service Manager Self-Service Portal With SCCM for Software Requests

18 Sep

If you have both Service Manager 2012 and Configuration Manager 2012 in your environment and you are using the Self-Service Portal in SCSM then why not utilize the existing SCCM 2012 Application Catalog for software deployment with a link from Service Manager?


Service Manager 2012 with the Self-Service portal deployed to a Sharepoint 2010 environment

Configuration Manager 2012 with the Application Catalog roles installed.

1. First of all package all of the applications that a user might make a request for.  This should include any applications that are not a part of your standard image (perhaps Acrobat, Visio, Project,etc).

2. Deploy these packages to the All Users user collection. For applications that require a license or that you dont want to freely distribute make sure you check the box that the application Requires Approval during the deployment.

3. In the Service Manager console, create a new Request Offering with title Request Software. For the description simply put html code that points to the application catalog link. For instance type the following:

Click to Request Software From the Application Catalog <a href=”http://sccmserver/cmapplicationcatalog&#8221; >Click Here</a>

4. It is not necessary to add values to any of the rest of the Request Offering fields because we will not be utilizing those fields anyways. Save this request offering into a new management pack.

5. Add the Request Offering to a Service Offering and make sure both are published.

6. In the portal you will notice that the Go To Form button is still showing up for this Request Offering but it does nothing.  To correct this you will need to export the management pack that you saved the new request offering into. Edit the .xml file with notepad. Perform a search in notepad looking for “HideGoToRequestOffering”. Change the value from false to true.

7. Save the xml file and then import the management pack back into Service Manager.

8. In the portal you will now notice that the button is gone. If you click the link that you created earlier it should take you to the SCCM Application Catalog and show any software that was deployed.

In my next post I will show how to use Orchestrator to send notification to an administrator when new software is requested that requires approval.

Travis Marshall

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